Evasi0n7, received a first update. The update, removes the primary source of the controversy surrounding Sunday’s release—the Chinese TaiG package.

Many Users shows disappointment when people found that Evasi0n include a TaiG package,TaiG has been closely associated with piracy, and piracy was easy to achieve “out of the box” with the install. Although your system has to be set to a primary Chinese language setting for the packages to appear as an option, many users still frowned upon its inclusion.

Pod2g on twitter said: they are issuing an update which removes TaiG from Installer. He also said that team is aware of issues, but said they want to enjoy this holiday with friends & family so next update will arrive after some time, that will mostly fix bugs & other issues.

Earlier today, Geohot who originally released very first jailbreak revealed that after a thorough inspection, the jailbreak was safe for users, and contained nothing malicious.

So its clear that Evad3rs team doesn’t want to include piracy but TaiG didn’t respect their part of deal so Evad3rs has removed it from installer, also jailbreak is safe from any backdoor.

Happy jailbreaking.