Reliance Jio is in its full phase to launch its service in India soon. Reportedly the services will be officially launched in India on 15 August. Everyone is excited about 4G and other telecom services offered from the Jio.

Reliance JioAhead of official launch, we are exclusively revealing the base plan tariff charges of Reliance Jio. The company will not offer any service at ground breaking prices. That’s what we can understand from the base plan tariff.

Reliance Jio will offer huge discount on data services in its initial phase while the base plan charges will remain equivalent to other operators. The company will charge 2p/sec or 1.20rs/min for voice calls.

This will be the tariff of base plan offered by Reliance Jio:

Reliance Jio Base Plan TariffWe are exclusively revealing Home, National Roaming and International Roaming charges of Reliance Jio Base plan. As you can see in the image above, voice calling rates will be 2p/sec (local and STD) and video calling rates will be 5p/sec in home circle. While the message will be charged at Rs. 1/msg and data will be charged at 1p/10kb by Jio in home circle.

While in the National roaming Reliance Jio Local calls will be charged at 80p/min and STD will be charged at Rs. 1.15/min. Data will be charged at 1p/10kb and sms will be charged at 25/msg and 38p/msg for local and STD respectively.

For International Roaming, Reliance Jio has revealed only data charges, The data will be charged at 500p/10kb or Rs. 5/10kb while traveling abroad.

All these charges will be base pack tariff of Reliance Jio. We might get better call rates and data rates when the service is commercially launched.