WhatsAppWhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service has been working on voice call feature since last year. Back in February, WhatsApp has announced that it will be releasing Voice Calling feature in Q2 2014. But it never happened, Later Whatsapp CEO confirmed that the Voice calling feature is coming to gb WhatsApp in 2015.

Though the Whatsapp Web version is launched, the video call feature is not yet available may be due to the poor camera laptops have in general when compared to mobile cameras. Though nowadays, when you choose the best laptop around 60000 range, you can get a 720p HD camera from Lenovo models thus satisfying clear video call feature on a big screen.

Voice calling will be very important feature for WhatsApp as many other IM apps are already offering this feature. For Voice Calling, Skype is believed to be biggest competitor for WhatsApp as Skype has been offering Voice and Video calls since many years.

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But it is looks like WhatsApp and Skype will act as friends than competitors. WhatsApp is working to integrate “Call via Skype” option in its Voice calling feature.

WhatsApp SkypeWhile digging into the WhatsApp for iPhone app, which was updated in November, we found several references that indicates that WhatsApp will add ‘Call via Skype’ feature. As you can see in the image above, one of the translation string is of “Call Via Skype”. WhatsApp will allow you to make calls directly via skype using this feature.

The Strings also confirms other voice calling features. WhatsApp VoIP will come with following options:

  • Call Mute
  • Call Hold
  • Call back
  • Call me in X minutes
  • Call back message
  • Call Via Skype
  • Call Notifications
  • Separate screen for call logs

WhatsApp integrating call via Skype functionality is not a surprise. WhatsApp has been already acquired by Facebook, Microsoft is an Investor in Facebook. Back in 2011, Facebook has launched Video Chat feature in association with Skype. So WhatsApp may also integrate call via skype feature.

Along with Call via Skype feature, We have also found several traces about “Driving Mode“. We have also found icons for Driving mode. There are not much details about this feature but Driving Mode in WhatsApp might work like Do not Disturb feature. It might also happen that after enabling Driving Mode, WhatsApp will read out the messages and calls, so that you can concentrate on your driving.

WhatsApp will release the Voice Calling feature for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone this year. Call Via Skype might not be released along with voice calling feature, it may be released later.

What do you think about Call Via Skype feature in WhatsApp?