Facebook Schedule post
Facebook’s native app for iOS has been updated today. Facebook app has now reached to V12. Facebook hasn’t revealed much in the Changelog. Facebook only said that they have improved reliability and speed.

Official Changelog from App Store:

Improvement for reliability and speed

But that’s not all Facebook has changed in the iOS app. Facebook has quietly added a new feature called scheduled posts. Scheduled posts is already present in Facebook page manager but this was missing in the Facebook app.

Now, when you update your status, you see a new button next to location button. When you click the button, it reveals the time and date. You can select the time at which you want to publish your status. After selecting the time and date just select schedule and post the status. Your status will be posted at selected time.

This is quite handy feature, many time people want to schedule posts but there was no way to do so. But now there is a way to schedule posts on Facebook iOS app.

You can download the Facebook iOS from App Store which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.