Speeding around a track, while fun, can start to get boring if the animations aren’t living up to your expectations. At least, that’s how I felt with the racing games I already had at home. I mentioned this to one of my good friends (who also happens to be a total video game buff) and he told me about 3D mobile racing games. Asides from 3D racing games, a motion simulator too, can make racing more exciting.

He then sent me the link of included below and said to check out some of the racing games there. He’d already tried several and loved them.

Best 10 3D Driving Games

I won’t lie – I was a tad bit skeptical as I’d never heard of the website AppGrooves before – but seeing as how my friend found it helpful, I decided to give it a chance too. I downloaded a few of the apps and started playing and – oh, man – I am glad I did! I’ve been having so much fun with these games; I honestly never would have anticipated this happening. So, to share these games with you, I’ve included my very own review of each below. Have fun and enjoy!

Racing In Car – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 50M

If speed is what you’re after, then Racing in Car has just what you’re looking for, letting you race along highways at top speeds, dodging and passing cars, and avoiding obstacles along the way. As you play, you earn coins that you can use to buy new cars – all by being the fastest you can be. In-game motion controls let you to tilt your phone to steer your car, making precision steering super easy. It also makes the game even more realistic!

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a game that has a massive variety of cars, Racing In Car only has 3 options for you to choose from. While that’s not the greatest amount to choose from, I think you’ll like the realistic elements of the game enough to forget that there aren’t very many choices for car time.

Pros: High-speed racing, motion controls you can manipulate with your phone or mobile device
Cons: Only 3 types of vehicles to choose from

Overall: As long as you don’t mind there being a limited choice for vehicle-type, you’ll love the realistic steering and fun 3D-style animations

Asphalt 8 – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 100M

Asphalt 8 is a highly popular game that features exciting arcade-style racing. Whether you want to drive a Dodge or a high-performance Bugatti, there are enough various game modes to keep gameplay interesting. You can steer your race car across 50+ high-speed tracks in a variety of different cities from around the world while experiencing the thrills of real-world rallying.

Just keep in mind that you may be nudged towards in-app purchases for the higher-level vehicles as you play. While you don’t have to make these purchases in order to play the game, they will help you advance your career as a racer, so it’s up to you whether or not this is worth it.

Pros: Arcade-style racing, more than 50 racing tracks, a variety of cars to play with

Cons: In-app purchases are suggested throughout the game

Overall: You’ll see recommendations for purchases you can make in the app, but you can simply ignore these and enjoy all of the many racing opportunities this game provides

Extreme Car Driving Simulator – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 100M

As its name suggests, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is just that: extreme! It allows you to drive stylish sports cars throughout a virtual city, the airport, or even off-road if that interests you. Plus, you can paint your car with your favorite colors before taking to the roads and driving wherever you please. If you like the idea of pulling off stunts, you can try jumping off ramps and completing other stuff throughout the virtual world.

If you are looking to race lots of other drivers, then this isn’t quite the game you’re looking for. Extreme Car Driving Simulator does not offer you the ability to race other people in a live setting, but you can still test your skills against computer-created foes.

Pros: Choose the style and decor of the car you want, try trick-driving with a variety of stunts

Cons: You cannot play against other live players

Overall: While you cannot compete against players live, you can still show off your stuff with trick-driving and cool stunts


It’s totally crazy to me how much I’ve enjoyed these mobile racing games. The animation styles are just so cool and I feel like I’m actually in a car, zipping around and taking down my opponents. If you or someone you know is really into racing games, this is definitely top-tier. And, because they’re mobile, you can take them with you everywhere you go. That’s a HUGE bonus in my book!

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