Your organization has possibly asked participants to fill in feedback forms after concerts and events or sent out occasional pen and paper surveys to members.

But have you ever wondered to conduct an online survey? If not yet, here’s what you need to know why you should start implementing this right away!

What are online surveys?

Online surveys are questionnaires that businesses put up over the internet for market research or to get their audiences’ feedbacks. These are usually designed as web-based forms to store the feedbacks or individual statistical software with the database to provide analytics.

Further, it gives valuable insights into areas like brand awareness, target markets, product feedback, re-engagement, customer loyalty and responsiveness, and customers’ buying habits (to name just a few).

Various survey tools are available out there that significantly differ in their use, functionality, analysis capabilities, and price. It is thus important for you to understand your own needs before purchasing. This will help you to know where and how you want to use it and what the outcomes should offer. Here are the following considerations that will help you to identify your needs to make an informed decision about a survey tool:

Web-Based Tool Or In-House Software?

First, you need to understand whether you want to host in-house software or an online survey tool.

With an online survey tool, you can perform editing anywhere via a browser, and other people can work on it at the same time. Also, survey installation is not mandatory, and updation can be executed automatically. This means it doesn’t require additional costs on developing and maintaining hardware infrastructure or updation.

On the other side, in-house software, a survey can be created offline on a stationary workstation. But, you might have to pay for the updates that are carried out independently. Also, it is necessary to execute backups of data on a regular basis and have reliable infrastructure to transport the data.

What Is Your Purpose Of Using Online Survey?

Know your purpose of using an online survey to know how you would like to use the tool.

For instance, if you are interested in conducting market research, opt for a free online survey that offers a quick and easy way to create questionnaires, as well as comprehensive analysis tools, and more.

Would you use the tool in specific company departments, or do you desire a comprehensive solution that allows company-wide integration? Would you use the tool for creative content? Asking these questions will help you find your purpose.

Which Channel Would You Use To Reach Your Target Audience?

How would you reach your target groups?

Is there a specific group of people who you want to invite to participate in your survey through email and social media channels?  Do you wish to use public links to the surveys on your website?

If you wish to reach your target group via mobile phones, you should opt for a tool that offers surveys via text messages or QR Code. Check whether the tool provides responsive designs and optimal user-friendliness while answering the survey via tablet or a smartphone.

Do They Provide Data Security?

Are you sure that the data collected will be stored and processed as per the laws applicable to the location? Is the tool meeting the data protection guidelines?

While performing any survey involving the collection of data, your data security is crucial. SSL security connections should be used to assure complete anonymity of the members or participants. Check where the data would be processed.


With the availability of various survey solutions, it is important to determine the scope of the survey project beforehand. But, first, you have to decide on what you want from a survey solution to avoid potentially expensive mistakes!