With the current trends in globalization, small companies have to operate almost with the same mechanisms as larger companies if they are to succeed. Smaller companies also have the same considerations as large companies in that they need to maximize o utilizing any available resources within a certain time frame. All project management software have their own advantages and therefore it’s important to do some research before settling on one software or tool. This article will provide you a step by step guide to making the right choice in choosing project management software for you.

Project Management Tool versus Project Management Software

A project management took is quite different from a project management software. First and foremost, project management tools are specific to particular problems and tasks. This means that a scheduling app works more like a tool than software. A project management tool will therefore tackle one or several specific areas in project management, whereas software for projects-managers will incorporate all aspects of project management ranging from scheduling to monitoring albeit with different software having different areas of superiority over others.

What Features Should You Look For In Project Management Software?

Different software offer varying utilities to users. For example, whereas others like Monday.com offers prioritized cloud-based project management services, and others like Smartsheets offer a better way to organize and schedule projects in the form of spreadsheets. However, despite these differences you should expect certain basic features in your preferred project management software. Some of these basic features are:


The dashboard is a key part of your project management software. The dashboard acts as your landing page, where you get to see your project(s) and monitor the progress. A good project management software is one which allows for live viewing of the dashboard for all critical members as this allows different groups within the same team to evaluate their individual progress against the entire group objective. Not everyone get to view the same dashboard since it will depend on which portion of the project you are to work on. For managers, the entire group’s project progress is on display, whereas low ranking group members don’t have the same access as the managers.

Collaboration and Communication

A centralized collaboration framework allows team members to break into groups and work on tasks in tandem. Collaboration is the only way the entire team can focus on one core task and meet the objectives within a set time. However, collaboration cannot take place without a proper communication platform. Some project management software have messaging and calling features. This allows team members to reach each other wherever they are and share ideas in real time.

File Sharing Capabilities

Project management software should have good file sharing protocols whereby files uploaded on one side can be easily downloaded by any member with access. The software should maintain file integrity by retaining its size, quality and format. This way, all members can have the same access and contribute openly to shared files.