Almost every individual has faced the problem of leaky faucet quite a large number of times, and in most cases, they have no given it more thought. One might think that it is just a few drops of water leaking so what damage can it do and that’s were they go wrong. Those small and minimal droplets of water that trickle don a leaking faucet can eventually create a much bigger problem if not attended to early.

Leaky kitchen faucets it the most common of all problem because we use the kitchen faucet the most and because of wear and tear there is easy chances of leakage, although you can fix it easily yourself but if you require help to fix the leakage or even replace the entire sink then you can easily search for ‘kitchen sink installation San Diego’ in your search engine and boom, you will find multiple professional plumbers who can install a new sink or even fix the leaking faucet.

Now we are going to look as some of the most common problems caused by leaking faucet.

  1. Water Bills

Now the problem of leaking faucet may seem like a very little and almost unnoticeable problem but it can definitely be way more expensive than you might think. The continues trickles of water will cost you around ten percent of your entire water bill. Hence you will have to pay ten presents more money and that to because of your very little almost insignificant leaky faucet. Hence whenever you notice a small leak, fix it as soon as possible or get it fixed by searching for sink installation San Diego and they will get it fixed for you in no time.

  1. Environmental Damage

As we all know as a matter of fact, water is the most valuable resource to human kind. And although, there is a lot of water on this planet earth, most of them cannot be consumed because of its impurity. There is only a small percentage of water that we can consume and with leaky faucet in your household you tend to waste more water. Hence, you should either get the leakage fixed or re-install an entire sink if that’s preferable to stop the wastage. And doing either of those is not as hard as one might think all you have to do is search for sink installation San Diego and you will find plenty of plumbers who are a professional at fixing leaking faucets and also at installing new sinks.

  1. Home Damage

Do not be under the impression that the tiny leakage in your kitchen sink or any sink in general will only lead to environmental problem or only raise your water bill. It can also affect your entire house. Because an un-supervised leakage can cause clogged drains and it will eventually result in overflowing. It can as well worsen the condition of caulk and putty, what that means that it will cause the leakage to drip down and onto the floor which will then result in damaged floorboards because the water will seep through it and after it passes through the floorboard it will then further damage the ceiling of the entire house as well.

And even sometimes there can be minerals pooling in your sink because of the constant leak, and the stains of those minerals are not at all easy to remove and hence you might need to get the entire sink replaced. Hence, never underestimate or avoid even the smallest leak as it may cause damage on a much higher level that can cost you a lot.

Now that we know how harmful and dangerous a small leaking faucet can cause, lets look at how you can easily fix a small leak yourself in a very few easy steps.

So mainly the cause of a leaky faucet is the worn-out washer, o rings or valves and it is pretty easy to fix them. To help you fix the leakage even more you can buy yourself a faucet repair kit, which will include all the necessary tools for you to repair your leaking faucet. But if you are looking to buy the tools individually then here is what all you will need.

Tools required to fix a leaking faucet:

  1. An adjustable wrench or a C wrench
  2. Phillips and a flat headed screwdriver
  3. WD 40 or CRC which are basically penetrating oil
  4. And the last and the most important thing: a new replacement washer and an O ring.

Steps to fix your leaking faucet:

  1. Before you do anything with the actual faucet, close the water supply to the sink. You will find the main water supply knob under the sink and along with that also remember to close the knobs or handles on top of the sink. If you forget this first and a very vital step then you will be sitting in a literal pool, so do not by any means forget this step before you proceed.
  2. Then go one to remove the decorative cap or knobs. Then under the knob you will find a screw that will be mounting it, you can get rid of it with the help of a flat headed screwdriver and after that you can get rid of the handle. But if you still can’t get it to open you can use the penetrating oil to get it off easily.
  3. At this point you can either use the adjustable wrench or your C wrench to pry out the packing nut and then you can notice the stem, it generally pops out but it also depends on the kind of faucet. Because in some sinks the stem pops out automatically or the other times you will have to twist it from the valve to open up.
  4. And if everything is going smoothly till this point then you will have to remove the o ring as well as the washer and inspect it well and if you find that it is damaged and if it is, they replace it with the new O ring as well as the washer. And then you are done!