Online marketing needs more ‘out of box’ thinking. Have a very detailed plan of what has to be changed. We will give you four important aspects of digital marketing in 2021 and you can implement it even today.

Only display social ads using tailored “full funnel strategies”

Running Facebook and Instagram Ads is one thing. Adapting these to the respective purchase phase is completely different. One of the most important online marketing tips in this area is therefore to think in terms of “full funnel setups”. The Facebook Pixel gives you a lot of options, especially when it comes to retargeting potential customers . This is to be used and, for example, to address visitors to the homepage who have not yet carried out the desired conversion a second and third time.

Then, however, not with the same ad, but a more detailed ad that builds on the first one. In this way, the sales process is successfully promoted and the supposedly interested customer receives important information that could ultimately lead him to a conversion. Anyone who does not yet use the possibilities in this area and still acts with individual advertisements is clearly wasting potential!

FAQs from customers

How many questions do we get from our existing and potential customers in the course of a working week? Tons! The fact that these questions can become an important part of your own online marketing strategy often have little on your mind. Because the probability that these questions will be searched regularly in a search engine like Google is high.

If you work through these questions systematically, you not only have valuable content for your own blog, but also ensure better rankings. In addition, you give potential customers the opportunity to understand your own solutions in advance. In turn, they can make an informed initial contact. Very beneficial for your own sales cycle!

Recycling content

The recycling of content is one of “the” trends in content marketing and therefore automatically a serious online marketing tip. With the requirement to produce more and more content for your own marketing, it automatically becomes more difficult to use completely new content. Therefore, it is strategically clever to use larger content in a variety of ways. For example, a video can be broken down into many short sequences. A large blog post offers the opportunity to generate a variety of social media posts from it. With this approach, your own team is relieved without losing volume. In the audio world, it’s important to remix your music tracks or even create them with a different message. As for SoundCloud, you can be more confident. Buy SoundCloud followers, upload more tracks and engage with the fans.

Use podcasts for your own company

The popularity of podcasts is growing inexorably from month to month! For many people, running their own podcast is not only a desirable hobby, but also a business-promoting measure. In practice, it has been shown that consumers increasingly prefer to consume important information in this way. As a company, you should definitely have a debate about whether your own podcast can make sense. In this way you can effectively position yourself as a “thought leader” in your own industry, address potential customers and build trust in your own brand.