Lets start the first blog with free app on Apple App Store.Nowadays everyone like something free, and specially during holidays as during holidays we spent lots of money on shopping, gifts etc, so if we get something free than its like a treat. So Today i am sharing many premium apps which just got free for limited time.

For iPhone:

1) Contra (usually $0.99 now free):


contra 2

Play as Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer or Lance “Scorpion” Bean and take the fight to the aliens in the jungles of South America. This updated version of Contra features the same environments and level designs of the original, only they are presented in high definition glory.

Contra: Evolution is the first official Contra game for iOS, bringing all of the run-and-gun action of the 1988 original with 21st century graphics and controls to the palm of your hands.

Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer and Lance “Scorpion” Bean are back to business fighting aliens in the jungles of South America–but can you survive one of the hardest games ever? Collect power-ups, unlock new levels and characters, and take on challenges in this arcade blast from the past. With updated HD graphics and future iOS 7 compatibility, get ready for a whole new Contra experience!

Download from here

2) Star Scales pro For Guitar(usually $1.99 now free):





You’ve always dreamed of being a great guitar player like Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour or Jimmy Page? All you ever wanted was playing like a star but incomprehensible scale charts are still holding you back? The Star Scales Pro app is here for you, to help you acquire proficiency and confidence in playing your guitar!

Instead of teaching complicated charts, Star Scales Pro app quickly helps you to master scale patterns, improve speed and accuracy, and build up muscle memory at the same time. In Star Scales Pro app each scale comes with fingering and note names in all positions on the fretboard, making it easy to master a pattern.

The Star Scales Pro app will teach you one scale, and all its patters, at a time. It allows you to concentrate on one scale in all keys, and practice it until you sharpen your skills. You can switch between different keys, tunings, or playback mode, as well as create your favorite scale patterns, or find a particular one using the search bar tool.

Download from Here.

3) Dark Arcana: The Carnival (usually $4.99 now free):


darek arena 1

dark arena 2

Come face-to-face with evil in this heart-pounding adventure!
An enigmatic carnival has come to town, bringing an unsettling mystery with it. A young mother has gone missing, and now it’s up to you to find her before it’s too late!
Investigate two worlds: the one you live in and an alternate plane existing behind the carnival’s Hall of Mirrors. Discover the secret of an ancient being named the Evil One and learn the tragic story of one of the carnival’s employees, who accidentally killed his fiancée during a show many years ago. Explore picturesque yet terrifying locations and prevent the Evil One from perpetrating another terrible crime!

Download from App Store Here


 For iPad:

1) WiPoint – Create video presentations and share on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (usually $0.99 now free) :

wipoint 1


wipoint 2

You can Start the creation of presentaion process by choosing one of the 29 built-in themes. You can then add your own photos, music, text, and voice-overs. You’re also able to choose from the 14 built-in music themes in case nothing in your library meshes with your presentation. You can then adjust the playback speed before previewing your presentation. Your final projects can be shared via email, Facebook, or YouTube.


Download from Here

2) Black Shark HD (usually $3.99 now free):

black shark 2


black shark1

Black Shark HD is the most advanced highly-realistic flight simulator for iPad. As a pilot of the Russian Ka-50 attack helicopter you will join +1.000.000 players in challenging combat missions with next-gen graphics and extreme level of details.

Black Shark HD offers a realism in regards to flight dynamics, sound effects, and weapon systems. You can roam the skies above various locations in Free Flight mode or enjoy the destruction power of the Ka-50 weapons in a various combat missions.

Download from here


So guys here 5 apps from app App Store which gone free for limited time. Grab them all

Let us know how like that above in apps in comment section below