Developing high-quality graphics that enhance marketing campaigns’ effectiveness is, at times, a complicated and expensive endeavor. There are various open-source and friendly graphic design software for marketers as an alternative to opting into different online subscriptions to accommodate multiple visual design needs. With proper implementation, graphic design software enhances brand image, engages more traffic to websites, Ads, and content, and improves quality between online and mobile interfaces.

Graphic Design in Marketing

In simplest terms, graphic design is a form of visual communication. Through graphic design, businesses develop specific marketing strategies that apply various typography, photography, iconography, and illustration designs to reach more consumers. Moreover, marketers use different graphic designing strategies into their web and content development, social media promotions, and advertisement creation.

Most importantly, using high-quality graphic design software enables users to integrate marketing campaigns across various devices and channels. For most online businesses, applying effective mobile app development strategies enhances the company brand and offers consumers more convenient access to different websites and marketing content. For this reason, businesses seek an app development company and check out:

Design Online Graphics

Commonly, marketers develop content that requires images suitable for different marketing platforms. For example, producing content for a blog requires graphic design images compatible with that specific blog post or website. As a solution, various design online graphics software enable Marketers the necessary templates and customization tools to develop high-quality graphics for each marketing campaign.


In canva, users access extensive selections of templates within the graphic design platforms library. To describe, Canva features selections for social media platforms, blogging sites, logo creations, newsletters, infographics, and videos. From within the design creation process, Canva offers users options to customize fonts, background visualizations, and add various elements. Within the elements features, designers add icons, animations, and other media during the designing stage.

MS publisher 

MS publisher assists Marketers with a variety of tasks like developing book pages, magazines, single-page advertisements, flyers, and more. Along with various layouts and guide tools, tables, pictures, graphic shapes, and texts are easily accessible. To add, the image editing tools allow for available captioning and image cropping to arrange graphics to best meet business objects. MS publisher also enables grouping functions to innovate personalized advertisements without layout interferences.


To continue, PicMonkey is another friendly graphic design software for Marketers. This graphics platform includes standard features such as image brightness, highlights, shadows, and contrast editing tools. Similar to other high-quality graphic design sites, PicMonkey also features a wide variety of templates. Essentially, PicMonkey assists Marketers and Graphic Designers with choosing the right template for display advertisements, receipts, background and cover photos, and icons. For the purposes of creating a winning social media campaign,  the program offers additional features that enable compatible designs proportionate for different social media channels for online businesses.

Building InfoGraphics

For more specific graphic reporting, Marketers rely on building Infographics for various marketing campaigns. In detail, the visual representation of an Infographic better illustrates information, data, and analytics to consumers. Typically, Marketers develop Infographics to showcase patterns and trends that result when choosing specific products or services. On a management level, Marketers may combine infographics to forecasting reports to better explain the process of particular Ad campaigns.


Easelly is useful graphic design software for easier infographic development to assist marketers with in-depth graphic illustrations. The simple to use interface enables Marketers and designers the ability to represent ideas in creative ways. Easelly allows the user to begin designs on a blank canvas and gradually implement objects, media, backgrounds, text, and shapes for added functionality. Moreover, Easelly offers an abundance of charts, graphs, and pictograms to easily share information within a single graphic design platform.

Edit photos and images


GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a simple, cross-platform compatible and versatile platform for photo and image editing. GIMP is an excellent alternative to using more advanced and expensive photo editing software as graphic design software. Within Gimp, users apply advanced brushes, filters, layers, and masks to customize content, images, and media to represent a business brand. Marketers also gain exclusive features like digital painting, posters, flyers, and photo retouching to develop high-quality graphics.

Pixler Editor 

As a browser-based imaging graphics tool, Pixel Editor saves Marketers more time and costs when developing graphic designs. This imaging graphics platform consists of basic features like brushes, cloning, filers, lasso, and layers. Also, Pixler Editor assists users with image cropping, resizing, portrait edits, and background retouching. Lastly, the software features numerous retouching image tools, such as red-eye removal and teeth whitening.

Build and animate 3D graphics 

Regarding 3D graphics, building and animating 3D graphics for website and promotional content is a unique way to develop more dynamic graphics. While most 3D graphic designs position online websites at risk of slower loading speeds, there is numerous user-friendly graphic design software for marketers to maintain sites’ quality and enhance brand image.

Hexagon 360 modeling 

For most Marketers, Hexagon 360 modeling features easy to understand and operate 3D graphics software to develop, build, and animate 3D graphics from scratch. The platform excels in functions such as 3D graphic animation, sculpting, texturing, and more. The platform is also compatible with other animation software and allows easy importing of graphics to multiple sites.


With an extensive library of 3D model templates to choose from, Daz3D is another useful and powerful 3D graphic design software. Users access various tools for 3D explicit design management when animating, rendering, and styling different concepts. Moreover, Daz3d includes standard features and tools for animation, sculpting, and 3D model texturing. Furthermore, the 3D graphic design software enables users to prepare 3D scenes to develop creative marketing campaigns.

Blender 3D Graphics program

Lastly, Blender is a great user-friendly graphic design software for Marketers and designers. With similar functions as other open-source 3D modeling platforms, Blender works well with various video development features. Marketers quickly develop 3D graphics short and feature-length films on the Blender 3D graphics program. In contrast to other programs, Blender enables user development into personalized extensions and tools for more functionality. Additionally, the graphics design program consists of animation modeling, rendering, rigging and skinning, sculpting, soft body simulation, texturing, and video editing for more advanced 3D editing capabilities.


In summary, Marketers apply various graphic design software into different marketing campaigns to enhance brand image, better promote a website, social media, and Ad content, and engage more target audiences. The friendly graphic design software for marketers equips users with the necessary tools to develop high-quality graphics that integrate well with other marketing devices and channels without an extensive budget. Overall, Marketers better promote brand image and increase brand performance with graphic design software to optimize marketing campaigns.


Jhonathon Badalof, from Sunlight Media, applies his digital and social media marketing, brand strategy, and creative advertising skills to develop content that is up-to-date and research-driven to assist, individuals, professionals, and businesses with understanding and applying different web development and design, programming, marketing, and business technologies, news, and software to better reach individual and business objectives.