The future of Learning

The world is changing at a rapid pace. It is interesting that day by day, nothing changes and when we look back, everything looks so alien and different from what we do now. Take education, for instance. From the Gurukul system to live classes that are just a click away, we have really come a long way. It shows how education has changed over time. The future of learning is promising and is one that is gaining momentum across the world.

The rapid advancement in technology has changed our lives in ways unimaginable. One of the major aspects that it has changed is that of education. Fifteen years ago, if you were to tell someone that the future of learning is going to be virtual classrooms and online teaching, no one would have paid attention to it. But, look where we are now. Transforming the educational experience is difficult, however, with the onset of this global pandemic, we are witnessing major changes in the education sector.

Education Before COVID

COVID has affected people regardless of nationality, level of education, income, or gender. The conventional schooling before COVID had students go to schools in fixed timings and had access to proper classroom training and learning. When we take a deeper look at the education sector before COVID, the use of Technology was evident but not prominent. Though teachers and students have been dependent on technology for numerous educational needs, technology as a medium for education was just being explored. In India, 11% of public expenditure was devoted to education before the pandemic.

How COVID Changed Education

  • Heavy Reliance on Technology

With the pandemic amidst us, there has been heavy dependence on technology and technological devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Dependence on the internet has also skyrocketed. Students now turn to television and other modes of education. How education has changed!

  • Online education on the rise

Many schools, coaching centers, and other higher education institutions have opted to use technology and offer online classes and learning experiences as a substitute for the school time. However, many educational institutions struggled and lacked the experience and time they needed to get into new ways to impart teaching and assignments.

This is where the rise of online teaching tools and video conferencing apps has been a boon. Easy to use online teaching app like Teachmint, has enabled tutors and teachers across the country to make a seamless switch to online teaching. With live classes, two-way student-teacher interaction, inbuilt LMS(Learning Management System), and more, Teachmint helps to create an atmosphere similar to the physical classroom experience.

  • The rise in the use of online teaching tools

The use of online teaching tools, animations, and learning games has risen. There’s a marked increase in the number of online teaching tools used. Because online teaching is significantly different from conventional teaching and to fill the gap, it is necessary to use such tools like games and language apps and visual aids to keep the students interested. The use of animation and demonstrations also helps to convey the concepts better. In a way, this is a shift that would have happened anyway. The pandemic just speeded things up.

  • Remote learning

We cannot say that remote learning is the future of learning. However, it is going to be a reality for quite some time. The government is using various methods like television, radio, and likewise to impart education. Certain channels have been dedicated for educational purposes. Online instructional resources are used by schools and institutions. Instruction through Youtube has also seen a rise.

Thanks to technology, the future of learning is safe.

Some of the major benefits of online teaching and education technology are mentioned below:

    • Large Scale Reach- Teachers and tutors can reach a large number of students from the comfort of their homes. Platforms like Teachmint do not have restrictions on the number of students that can be added to a live class.
    • Convenience- With online teaching, the schedules can be set as per the comfort and as mentioned above, the lessons can be made more engaging through the various online teaching tools available.
  • Saves time- With various classroom tools available in the online teaching platforms, it helps to save time and bring efficiency to the classroom. Assignments, notes, study materials, online tests are all just a click away with the right education technology. You just have to choose the right online teaching platform.

The Future of Learning- Conclusion

The future of learning will be heavily dependent on technology. The effectiveness of online teaching platforms has been seen and approved by teachers and the use of online teaching tools increases the efficiency of learning. With features such as automated attendance, classroom tools, scheduling, content sharing, etc, Online teaching apps like Teachmint helps to save time and effort and brings efficiency to the table.

With the pandemic still amongst us, the educational institutions have to be super careful about re-opening. Proper protocols have to be brought into place.

As discussed, the future of learning is a promising one. The teachers just have to upskill themselves and make use of the resources available.