India vs PakistanThe much awaited India vs Pakistan match is about to begin. The match was scheduled to begin at 17:30 IST, but that didn’t happen because of rains. It is the India’s second T20 World cup 2016 match.

As the match has been delayed, ICC has reduced the over from 20 to 18. Now each team will play 18 overs instead of 20 over match. The T20 match will now begin at 20:30 IST.

The T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan match will start at 8:30PM. Matches are generally watched on television sets but as technology evolves, we can watch it on other channels as well.

You can watch the India vs Pakistan T20 world cup match on If you want to watch the match on your smartphone, then you can watch on Hotstar mobile app.

If your mobile network is not good then you can catch the live score on mobile phone. You can simply search for live cricket score in Google and the live score will be displayed in the search result.