Apple introduces many changes with iOS 7, they completely overhauled the User Interface , changed all icons, used Flat design. Apple also shows live clock on Clock app icon iOS 7. People expected same treatment with Weather App, but apple didn’t provided it. But now all people who have Jailbreak their device can get this feature. With this new tweak Weather icon is replaced with animated weather icon which shows temperature and Description of Weather.

LiveWeatherIcon by HamzaSood is a paid tweak, which costs $1. After installing the tweak , respring, then weather icon changes to animated live weather icon. There is no setting to configure, there is no option in setting pane also. Even if you want to disable it then you have to uninstall the tweak, there is no disable option.


LiveWeatherIcon doesn’t require winterboard, it fully independent tweak, it takes the weather information from first location in weather app, if you have location enabled the current location weather is shown, else the location which is shown on first page, is displayed on app icon.

So tell us how you like the tweak, will you be buying this tweak for $1. Let us know in comments.