Google has updated its its popular mail client Gmail for Android with new features. Gmail for Android app new update is now available on the Google Play Store.

Gmail Material DesignWith latest update, Google has added of the one most needed feature, which is support for Microsoft Exchange. Earlier Gmail enabled support for third part mail accounts.

Support for Yahoo/Outlook was available in earlier updates but now Microsoft Exchange support is also added for all users. Google Nexus series of smartphones, Android Lollipop based devices had support for Microsoft Exchange but now it is made available for all Gmail Android app users.

Gmail 6.4 also brings bug fixes and performance improvements. It is the best email client to use different mailbox on your Android smartphone. The free app supports almost all third party mailbox and also offer Gmail features for them with its service called Gmailify.

In latest update, Google has improved the Gmailify feature. The feature offers spam protection and inbox organization for Yahoo Mail and Outlook.

The new version of Gmail can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Free. It support all Android devices.