Google Allo is the search giant’s take on the WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. Till date, the application received enough praise from every corner of the world.

A couple of months ago, at their ‘Make for India’ event, the company promised that the chat application will get a new Indian language for the Google Assistant, which is ironically one of the unique features in the form.

Having said that, Google today released an update to the Google Allo which adds for support of Google Assistant in the Hindi language. The noticeable thing here is, the new Hindi Google Assistant will also support the quick reply option. According to Google, India has the most number of users registered in the Google Allo app, which is the primary reason why the company is concentrating on Indian languages.

At first glance after updating the Google Allo app to the latest version, I was wondering about the fact that how to use the new Hindi Google Assistant. I was searching through all the settings of the application to check whether it has to be done manually. However, that’s not the case with the latest feature.


The Hindi Google Assistant can be enabled by just sending a text message to the English Assistant screen as ‘Talk to me in Hindi’ and yeah, from the next message itself, the assistant will start speaking replying you in Hindi, which is a good thing to see.

Additionally, you can change the language preference to ‘Hindi’ in the Settings screen. Speaking about this new feature, Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager, Google quoted as “Since its launch, Google Allo has received

“Since its launch, Google Allo has received tremendous response, especially in India, which has one of the highest number of Google Allo users. The Google Assistant, in particular, is one of the most loved features in Google Allo – one in every 12 messages in group chats are messages to the Google Assistant. We are enthused by this and today’s launch enables us to extend these features to the next millions of users in a language of their choice.”