Google has updated its Google Analytics App for smartphones. The search giant has a pushed very big update for the Android and iOS apps. The new update is live on the Play Store and Apple App Store.

Google Analytics AppGoogle Analytics mobile apps have been completely revamped. The new update also brings new icon for the app and bring several new features. New version of app also allows to customize reports.

Google Analytics is a free data monitoring service by Google. With Analytics you can track the traffic on websites, mobiles, Apps and wearable products. It is one of the very popular product from the search engine.

With new Google Analytics Mobile App for Android and iOS, monitoring data on your smartphone has become more easy. The update simplifies Google Analytics reports into a small screens.

Google Analytics comes with following new features:

  • Easy access to a full overview of your Google Analytics data
  • See what is happening now with real-time business data
  •  Go deeper into your reports with segments
  •  Customize your own mobile dashboard
  •  Easily share your insights with others

Google Analytics Mobile app now allows You to build or modify a report quickly and save it to your mobile dashboard. The data can be shared via email, social, messaging or other apps.

Google Analytics updated app is now available for Android devices on Google Play Store and for iOS devices, it can be downloaded from Apple App Store.