Google Holi Festival doodleToday is Holi, which is one of the biggest festival in India. Holi Festival is a festival of colours. On this occasion, Google has come up with a colorful doodle for Indian users.

Google India homepage has a colorful doodle which celebrates the Holi festival. The doodle is not a static image, instead Google has used a gif image as its logo. The logo will be there on the Indian homepage for 24 hours.

In the doodle, the Google logo is colored starting with letter ‘G’. In the end you will see a colourful Google Logo wearing multiple colors. On clicking the logo, you get ‘Holi Festival’ searches.

The Google Doodle for Holi Festival is beautifully designed. It shows how the festival is being celebrated. Google always represent major festivals with a doodle on its homepage.

In India almost everyone loves to play Holi. The festival is celebrated by all age groups and it is played in groups. At MakTechBlog, we wish all our readers a very Happy Holi 2016.