India is celebrating 65th Republic Day today. It is celebrated since 26 January 1950. To celebrate the Republic Day, Google has come up with a doodle on its Indian Homepage. On this day, constitution of India came into force and since that day India is celebrating Republic Day on 26 January.

Google has always come up with doodle to celebrate major events and festivals. Now to do the honor, Google has come up a Doodle to celebrate the Republic Day. Google Doodle characters are in green color. Middle ‘O’ of google is in orange color, which is Staring point of Indian Flag made by Tricolor Policemen. In the middle, three layer of policeman are in tricolor—Orange,White and Green which represents the Indian flag. Lower level policemen which are in green color are driving the bikes, which are common during Republic Day Parade.

Overall it is a good representation of Republic Day through google doodle.

We wish every Indian a very Happy Republic Day.

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