Earlier this Month, Rockstar company which is jointly backed by Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry sued Google and other Android Device maker over infringing Nortel patents which they bought in 2011. Google has now counter sued the company, challenges the original lawsuit , google claims that Android has not infringed any patent & said its just patent troll.

Gigaom reports that Google has filed a new lawsuit to challenge an Apple-backed consortium Rockstar that is using dubious patents to threaten its partners and customers in the mobile device industry.

In a complaint filed Monday in San Jose, Google claims that Rockstar’s patent campaign is taking aim at hundreds of California tech companies and that the litigation has “placed a cloud on Google’s Android platform,” threatening Nexus devices in particular.

Rockstar has employed a Canadian engineer to help with the operation , the filling says :

Rockstar produces no products and practices no patents. Instead, Rockstar employs a staff of engineers in Ontario, Canada, who examine other companies’ successful products to find anything that Rockstar might use to demand and extract licenses to its patents under threat of litigation.

Google appears to be especially concerned about the Nexus line of phones. It asks the court to declare that “the Nexus 5, Nexus 7, or Nexus 10 devices sold by Google directly or indirectly” don’t infringe seven patents that belong to Rockstar or to “MobileStar, ” another shell company that ”was formed for litigation one day before Rockstar filed its lawsuits against Google’s customers.”

This patent war has gone interesting, with this counter lawsuit lets see which company wins the case.