Google is releasing three new smartphones this year. Pixel 4A is the first of the three to be out. Google’s next two phones after Pixel 4A will be Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5. At this point, we do not know much about Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5. Based on what we know about Pixel 4A it has been called the phone with the best camera for under $400. However, Pixel 4A will be neither water-resistant and nor will it support wireless charging. The good news is that the headphone jack is back. Similar to iPhone’s SE and Samsung’s Galaxy A51 Pixel 4A is a more affordable version of Google’s phones. Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 will support 5G and the countries that will be selling the phones this fall are the US, Canada, Ireland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. Google is also advertising the phones’ abilities to stream videos and download high-quality content. The phones will support Google’s streaming service Stadia. This means that gaming is going to be a major part of Google’s phones’ new direction. “Faster and smoother than ever” is how Google describes the phones that will be executing these functions. The cheapest you can purchase Pixel 4A is from Best Buy for $249.

New specifications (processor) would be a perfect for gaming lovers

The new Pixel phones are going to be perfect for gamers around the world, whether for video games or iGaming space. Digital casino apps are quite heavy and need a lot of space and power to run without interference. Not only apps but also the online casino websites need more power to work simontiusly without having any issues. iGaming space is an elite tier for players, so new age smartphones need powerful processors to handle digital casinos. Some games are created with the specific purpose of being played on the iGaming app. It is no secret that gamers love good graphics, sound effects, and high-speed comfort. Traditional casino games adapted to iGaming platforms need more power to have uninterrupted playing sessions. Particularly we should talk about slots because it needs more power from the phone. With the new smartphones, international gamers who play slots online will be in safe hands as the battery and processor will give them another level of experience. Pixel phones’ displays and processors as well as the game-oriented approach that Google took while creating those phones will be a new word in the gaming industry. Long battery life will make it possible for the gamers to not have to stop every hour and wait till the phone is charged again. Google’s new smartphones will be something to keep an eye on.

Samsung is reportedly making next device chips

Samsung might be producing the hardware for Google’s future projects. Reportedly, Samsung got an order from Google to produce new chips. It is not clear if the chips are for existing or future devices. One of the orders is a body motion sensor and another order is an app processor for a yet unknown project. What Google is going to use the chips for is not clear yet, however, Samsung was commissioned to design as well as manufacture the chips. There are multiple speculations about what Google might use the chips for. One of the options is a fitness watch. All fitness devices need movement tracking abilities and body motion sensors might be used for that. Samsung might be producing a new processor for the 2021 Pixel phone. If the phone has some specific functions that other smartphones will not be offering Google will need a specialized processor. It is not easy to compete against companies that can produce their own processors and therefore are able to offer special experiences.