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Google now, the personal assistant by Google has some great features. It uses Cards to display information, remainders about certain events, sports, birthdays and more. Google Now also displays information about Sports like football, baseball and others. But among other sports, Cricket teams was missing from Google Now Sports Cards but not anymore because Google has added support for Cricket card. All International teams are supported by Google Now. Teams like India, Australia, England, Sri Lanka and other can be added as favorite team.

Google now cricket cardsGoogle has added Cricket card support ahead of World Cup T20 and Indian Premier League. Both these tournaments are scheduled to take place in coming days. So it is a treat for cricket fans.

In India Cricket is above any sport, People have huge enthusiasm for Cricket in India. That’s why Indian Premier League(IPL) is very famous in India. IPL is treated as festival in India. There is huge craze for Two months long IPL which happens during April-May. So Google is not going disappoint IPL fans also as ‘Google Now’ gets support for IPL Teams also. Teams like Kolkatta Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Delhi daredevils and others can be added as favorite teams and you will notified by push notifications when there is any new event, match starts or any milestone reached.

Google now cricket cardAs you can see in the image above, Google Now will display Score card in the Google Now app. Google Now will also send push notifications when new match starts, when any batsmen is out or any milestone reached by player. User who already have Google Search app installed don’t have to update their app to support this as it is a server side activation so no need for new update.

To enable Cricket cards follow these steps:

  • Install Google search if you are using iPhone/iPad, you can download it from App Store.
  • If you are using Android Phone then you can download Google search app from Google Play Store.
  • Launch Google search app
  • Open Settings, Select Sports
  • Now click Add teams, now search for you favorite team
  • Click done

In this way you can add your favorite cricket teams and get notified about Cricket score. Fans can enjoy World Cup T20 and IPL T20 score right from users device.