When Google took the stage exactly a month ago, I was curious about the announcements that the tech-giant will make. But, an hour later, after the event commenced, I was so anxious to try the first ‘Made by Google’ phones: the Pixel and the Pixel XL. However, it took nearly one month for me to get the hands on the larger phone of both, the Pixel XL and here are my first impressions of the Google Pixel XL.

Starting off with the design of the smartphone, the Pixel XL doesn’t look that great when taken into hands. It kind of looks like an iPhone replica without a home button. I am furious about the larger chin present in the smartphone, which not only makes the device looks ugly, but also makes holding the device uncomfortable at times. From the front side, the design doesn’t look real, but from the rear side, the phone is quite different from other smartphones with the half portion of metal and the other half portion of glass with fingerprint sensor and camera.


The buttons are tactile, but I feel that the power button and volume rockers should have been swapped their places as I was always ended with pressing the volume button keeping in mind it as the power button. The Google Pixel XL and Pixel are the first smartphones to come with Android 7.1 Nougat with some dedicated customizations to them. The user interface was buttery smooth and I never faced a single lag with my two days time with the phone. However, I faced several issues with the Instagram application, but i am enrolled in the Instagram’s beta program, which might be the reason for the application hanging issue.


Coming to the most interesting aspect of the smartphone- camera. When Google announced the Pixel’s camera as the highly rated smartphone’s camera, the entire tech industry was shocked. But, true to their words, the camera on the Pixel XL captures insane images with great depth of field. The camera application is now updated and has several tricks under its sleeve such as the manual controls, auto HDR mode, etc. By default, the camera shoots photos in HDR mode. That’s some confidence from Google to auto enable the HDR mode as it slows down the camera app, but that isn’t the case with Pixel XL as the tech giant perfectly optimized the feature.


In terms of battery life, I just charged the phone just one time for my one and half day usage. So, that sums it all. But, there aren’t many applications installed apart from Instagram and WhatsApp. So, stay tuned for the complete review of the phone for more details about the battery life.

Summing up, the Google Pixel XL is priced at Rs. 67,000 in India, which is an overwhelming price, but it clearly states that the phone is targeted at the Apple’s iPhone 7 series. So, it didn’t disappoint me at first glance. However, the exact outcome will be taken out in the coming days. Stay tuned to MakTechBlog for the complete review of the Google Pixel XL.