Google has quietly launched Google Play Music All Access service in India. The search giant launched the Music in India last year in September. At that time All access service was not launched.

Google Play Music All Access IndiaNow the service is live in the country. Google Play Music All Access India is available with a Free trial. Google is offering unlimited music service in India at just Rs. 89 ($1.4) compared to $9.99 price in USA.

Apple is already offering its Apple Music service in India. The iPhone maker charges Rs. 120 for a month of Apple Music subscription. The price difference  between both the service is not big.

Google is offering a month of free trial of Google Play Music All Access. Once the free trial is ended, you need to pay Rs. 89/month to continue using the All Access service in India.

With Google Play Music All Access, you can listen and download unlimited songs on your device for offline listening. You can use the service on Android and iOS device.