Google Play Store hosts vast number of Android Applications and Games. There are numerous paid and free apps. Google accepts payment via Credit or debit cards.

Due to RBI rules, Indian debit cards requires extra layer of authentication and Google doesn’t support it. Play Store requires cards with International payment enabled.

But Indian users don’t enable International payment by default and end up finding difficult buying an App from Google Play Store. Due to this restrictions many people don’t buy official apps in India.

Google Play Store Idea carrier bllingNow Google is coming up with carrier billing in India for Google Play Store. The company has now added carrier billing option in India. But it is not full fledged rollout.

Google has added limited carrier billing option in India with Idea Cellular. Some Postpaid idea customers in India are noticing Idea Billing as payment method. The option only shows up when mobile data is enabled.

Idea Cellular is the third largest operator in India and selecting only Postpaid customers, Google is targeting very limited audience. Google might add prepaid customers as well in future.

Still it is a good start, we may see more operators could join the program. As of now Idea postpaid customers can buy apps or games from Google Play Store and pay it via monthly bill.

Via : Reddit