Android NGoogle has released first Android N developer preview. For the first time Google has released the developer preview months before I/O conference. The developer preview comes with several new features.

Google has not revealed the name of next version of Android. As of now, the new version is called as ‘Android N’. The name will be revealed around the public release.

The next version might be Android 7. The current version, Marshmallow, is Android 6.0. So the new variant will come with a major upgrade. Google has released the developer preview builds for select Nexus devices.

Google has simplified the process of testing the latest Android N on Nexus smartphones. The company has introduced Android Beta Program. With new program, you can update your Android devices to the developer preview of N and receive ongoing updates via OTA.

The first developer preview of Android N is intended for developers only. It should not be installed on primary devices as it contains several bugs. Google will also release the public beta of Android N soon.

Last year Apple started the public beta testing of iOS and now it looks like Google will be following it to test the new Android version. The public release of Android N is expected around October.

Android N comes with following new features:

  • Multi-window: Google has added Multi Window support in Android N. The new feature will be available for Tablets running on Android.
  • Direct reply notifications: You can reply to messages from the notifications only. The new features makes it easy to respond to notifications.
  • Bundled notifications: Now notifications from same app will be bundled under the name of that application. Like if you receive multiple mails then they will be bundled into Gmail icon.