Gmail Login processIf you use Google’s Gmail then you might have noticed a minor change in the login process. Google has changed the usual single page login into two page login process.

Google has confirmed that they have changed the Gmail sign in process. Earlier the sign in page contains both username and password fields on the same page but now both the fields are split into two pages.

With these change, Google aims to prepare for future authentication solutions that complement passwords. It is unclear how Google will avoid passwords while logging into your Gmail account.

If you are signing in from location you have signed in before, then you will see your profile photo and full name on the second page. The dual page login process might be good from Google’s perspective but not many people are liking it. People are complaining about two page login system.

Google in a post said:

“As we’ve said many times, we’re working towards introducing new authentication solutions that complement traditional passwords. We’ve already separated the ‘username’ and ‘password’ fields onto separate pages on a successful launch in Android last year. This change to our web sign-in page is another step in that direction.”

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