Internet search giant Google is testing new tool for its search results. The company will now allow you to test your internet speed from the search result page itself.

Speed testAs of the new internet speed test result in search results is under testing and it is not showing up for all users. As seen by Pete, on searching for terms like ‘Check Internet speed’, Google now offers inline speed test option.

As per the image shared by him, Google internet speed test will consume less than 40MB of data and will check your internet speed in less than 30 seconds. The full speed test image is not shared. As of the tool is not showing on searching for check internet speed.

The Google internet speed test will be powered by Measurement lab by Google. The inline speed test tool might work like calculator, currency, conversion tools on search results.

As of now it is unclear when Google will release the new internet speed test tool on its search results. It may also happen that it will never come as the search giant tests multiple things and all things don’t come into reality.