google nexus smartwatch concept

We all know that next big thing in technology is wearable tech. Every company is busy in making new wearable gadgets. One of the first contender was Apple who is making iWatch since years but haven’t released it yet. Samsung has already released two variants of its Gear SmartWatches. Pebble and Sony watches are also in the market since couple of years. Intel has released a prototype for its SmartWatch.

Android Giant Google is also reportedly working on wearable Tech which is scheduled to release during its I/O conference in June. But way before launching the product Google has decided to launch Android SDK for wearable tech.

During the SWSX conference, Google new Android head Sundai Pichai said Google is releasing its Android software developer kit for wearable devices well before actual devices hit the market so that the company gets “plenty of feedback” first. It will attract developers and in this way Android watches will dev support way before actual device hits market.

Google is planning to follow similar strategy which was used mobile phone by making Android available for free to phone and tablet makers. Google with the SDK wants to standardize how sensors send data to Android. ‘We want to develop a set of common protocols by which they can work together’ says Sundar Pichai to The Verge.

By using this strategy more Device manufactures will use Android OS in their smartwatches instead of developing own OS which is very time consuming and risky too. Samsung has recently Ditched Android for its own Tizen in Gear Smartwatch. Samsung has also released its SDK for its gear smartwatches. Now Google is also doing the same but google is planning to release the SDK before launching the devidce itself.

Reports are that Google is planning to launch its own smartwatch during I/O conference in June. It is expected ti be manufactured by LG Electronics. Rumors has it that early beta of Googlee smartwatch looks similar to pebble smartwatch.

Are you excited for wearable tech?