Google Android Which PhoneAndroid is open source operating system and there are hundreds of manufacturers which sells several thousand types of smartphones. Selecting the perfect Android smartphone can be pain and confusing.

To overcome this issue, Google has unveiled a new tool called “Which Phone”. The tool allows to you to find the perfect Android smartphone according to your needs.

It is a simple tool which asks you the purpose of buying the smartphone. It shows several options and you can select the options according to your needs. You can select all options but selecting one is compulsory.

There are several options available on the ‘Which Phone‘ tool like Taking Photos, Listening to the music, Being Productive, Social Media, Gaming, Staying Fit, Talking, Web surfing, etc.

After selecting the need, the tool further ask about the time spend on the selected options. Like if you have selected taking photos, then it will ask you how much photos you take in a week. After that you need to select whether you want fast camera or selfie camera.

Once you have selected all your needs, it ask you to select your favorite carrier and then it will show the perfect smartphone according to the needs specified. It shows several smartphone and lists the interesting features about the device.

So with this ‘Which Phone’ tool you select your next Android smartphone easily.