GOQii Life
GOQii Life Fitness Band is launched in India starting at ₹6,999. The smartband works on subscription basis. Six months subscription costs ₹6,999 while Twelve months subscription costs ₹11,999.

GOQii Life Fitness Band is released by Vishal Gondal, former CEO of Indiagames. The GOQii Life was under pilot project since February and now it is released to public. It is first launched in Indian market.

GOQii Life doesn’t work like other fitness bands, instead it comes bundled with personal coaching. The SmartBand tracks the users activity and coach also observes the user activity. The trainer gives advise and also motivates users to achieve the fitness.

User can talk to their coach using instant messaging. Users can also schedule an audio or video call with their trainer.

The GOQii band collects the data from user activity and then transforms it to GOQii app. The band awards karna points for the progress. You can also share your progress to social networking sites using the app.

The GOQii SmartBand is available through Snapdeal, you can also buy it from GOQii website. Once the user reaches the training period, user can renew the training subscription or else can use it as normal fitness tracker.