SaaS branding involves creating brand awareness and getting leads for SaaS-based products. Marketing and lead acquiring strategies may vary depending on a couple of factors. SaaS refers to “software as a service,” a way that most companies offer services via cloud-based apps.

The success of any marketing strategy depends on how well you plan it. Your marketing strategy or plan should ideally include everything from the tactics to the goals or objectives you wish to achieve. Marketing strategies may vary depending on various factors.

In this guide, we talk about some of the ways through which you can market your SaaS product.

Provide Free Trials

Free trials will allow prospective clients to test the product and see if it meets their needs. You can create different free trial versions with limited features, for example four to eight weeks. You can allow users to access the main features of your SaaS platform with limited storage.

Free trials work best when pitching a product that offers a niche solution. Statistics show that conversion rates from free trials are around 30%. Most people will be interested in investing in a product that provides a specific solution in their lives.

SEO and Marketing

SEO still remains king when it comes to promoting a brand and creating awareness. You must ensure that you create content around your product that will push it to the top of search engine result pages.

For the marketing part, you can use influencer marketing on social media sites. You can also run ads on different platforms or use marketing companies such as Rocket SaaS. Make sure you create some excellent content that will resonate with what you’re promoting with your brand.

Offer a Freemium Edition

A freemium edition will allow people to use the product for free. The idea behind providing freemium versions is to allow people to use the product free of charge. However, you can add other premium tiers with more benefits.

Most brands use freemium editions of the products when starting their marketing SaaS branding plan. Freemium packages give clients freedom to explore the features available on your product. Users who need extra features such as more storage can subscribe to the pro tiers.

Customer Reviews

Your clients are your brand’s ambassadors. In a competitive marketplace, users may not have the time to sample each SaaS product. Most people rely on customer reviews and testimonials before deciding whether to use a product or not.

Add a customer review section on your website. Also, encourage users to rate your app on the PlayStore or Apple Store. Usage statistics often indicate how well your product performs and play a significant role in SaaS branding.

Wrapping Up

SaaS branding and marketing can be challenging. Getting your first subscriber can take ages and will require consistency and persistence. You need to invest and plan your marketing strategy.

Make sure you target your audience precisely to ensure that you are getting at the right people. For SaaS products, you also need analytics to measure how your product performs even after successful marketing.