Stick packs and sachet packaging are popular choices for products such as drink mixes and supplements. While these terms for single-serving flexible packaging are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a significant difference between a stick pack and a sachet. Learn more about these types of packages to decide on the right style of single-use packaging for any product.

Stick Pack vs Sachet

Stick packs and sachets are formed in different ways. Stick packs are tubular designs that have side seams. Sachets are flat packages sealed on three or four sides.

The difference between stick packs and sachets is akin to the distinction between side-gusseted and bottom-gusseted or flat bottom pouches. The design of one or the other type of package may be better for a particular product.

Stick packs and sachets are both suitable for powdered products, including drink mixes, supplements, sweeteners or spice mixes. Based on the barrier films used to make packaging, stick packs and sachets can also contain products with semi-solid, gel, viscous or liquid consistencies.

Which Is Right for Your Product

Design priorities and intended use are relevant considerations for decision makers at brands considering whether to use stick packs or sachets. Stick packs feature a slender design and are typically four times as long as the width.

The narrow opening on the end of a stick pack can make it easier to add the contents of these packages to a bottle of water or a cup of coffee. This flexible packaging can also easily fit into practically any available space near the point-of-purchase in retail environments.

Sachets tend to be wider than stick packs. While sachets and stick packs are both suitable for travel- or sample-sizes of products, the footprint of sachets is slightly larger.

Custom Flexible Packaging

A service that specializes in flexible packaging design can recommend whether sachets or stick packs are the best choice for particular products. Specifications such as composition, volume, weight and intended use can point towards the best type of single-use packaging.

Digital coffee bag printing or printing for other types of packaging makes it possible for brands to design eye-catching packages for products. The small size of stick packs and sachets makes the choice of colors and information to include about products on these types of packaging even more important.

The ability to customize the size of packaging and choose films that protect contents and provide an appealing look and feel sets custom flexible packaging providers apart from services that strictly offer stick packs and sachets. Brands can give product lines the best presentation by customizing every aspect of packaging to suit the specifications of each product offering.

Design Sachets or Stick Packs

Consult with a packaging service about whether sachets or stick packs could be the right choice for products. Digital printing is an affordable way to print small or variable runs and dial in the best design for single-use packaging. Package design experts can help brand decision makers determine the best ways to present new or existing products to customers.