Indian banks encountered one of the biggest security breaches last week, which effectively has put several customers debit cards under risk. Several top Indian banks debit cards have been affected. The banks in affected under this breach are the State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC bank, Yes bank, and ICICI bank.

With this, the State Bank of India is issuing 6 lakh debit cards to several customers and other private banks such as the HDFC, ICICI, and Yes bank are pleading their users to change their card pins to stay safe. As of now, it is noted that hackers have taken out nearly 1.3 crores from various debit cards.

Steps to be Safe
If you’re the one who thinks are affected in this breach, then you should follow these small steps to stay safe from the breach.

1) Report to your bank immediately
If you notice any fraud activities with your debit card, immediately intimate this to your bank as the bank authorities will surely help you with the issue.

2) Change the ATM pin
Secondly, you need to change your debit card pin number as early as possible. If you have internet banking enabled, just do that by heading logging into the net banking. Otherwise, you can head over to your nearest ATM and change that.

3) Don’t disclose your pin number
Hackers have already received the debit card numbers along with the mobile number of the card owner. If you receive any call asking for your debit card pin number saying that they are bank authorities, then simply ignore the call and instead report the same to the nearest police station.

4) Deactivate your debit card for a while
If you’re convinced that you are one of the victim of this debit card breach, contact the bank authority and deactivate your debit card for a while. You can reactivate it after things settle down.

So in this ways you can keep your debit or credit card safe.