Running watches are probably the best options for runners and athletes. These watches simply will not make you regret if you are into hiking, biking or sports activities. These watches allow you to enhance the quality of their training, track their progress accurately, ditch carrying a phone and look stylish, and offer many more benefits. If interested in exploring the best options, you can check out the website of luxury watches.

Running watches are a hot accessory in the running world.

Lots of runners have a GPS watch, like the Garmin Forerunner 735XT which I have personally and love. If you’re a regular parkrun participant or have competed in a race somewhere, you’ll hear tonnes of GPS watch beeps as their owners start recording their run.

However, not all runners use running watches. Some runners don’t like the idea of buying and using a running watch, because they might have some limiting beliefs about these accessories. I know this first hand because I had some limiting beliefs of my own before I decided to take the plunge and get my first running watch.

The myths you can break to get a GPS watch home this season!

GPS watches are gaining huge popularity among athletes and the entire sports world but recent surveys state that, there are still some reasons that keep runners from investing in these watches. Explained below are some of the myths that shall help in convincing you GPS or even digital smart watches are indeed not a bad choice to invest in!

CostSome are put off by these handy GPS watches because of the cost and it is totally understandable. However, parting with some hard-earned cash for one of these handy devices is well worth the investment.

People can track progress themselves – Some think they don’t need a GPS watch because they can track their own progress. What’s wrong with a free app on a mobile phone like Strava, or just tracking progress the old-fashioned way without any technology?

Dislike for technology

Some people have a general distaste for technology. You could say we’re in the 21st Century, and everybody has learnt to accept and use technology, but this just isn’t the case.Some don’t like technology because it wastes time, destroys face to face communication;it reduces literacy and so on. The list is long.Some people don’t like the idea of running watches because they’re a piece of technology, and maybe they’ve had negative experiences with technology before.

Fear of change

A significant reason people do not get a running watch is the fear of shifting to a change. Although it is thrilling to some individuals, plenty of us just do not like the change. We get comfortable and utilized to do something a specific way. We often are habituated with the same routes, patterns and using a specific thing, especially when it comes to utilities and accessories and prefer sticking to that.

But these myths are diminishing with the rolling of time. Irrespective of usage, gender or age, everyone is aligning their choices to smart watches nowadays. And moreover, with the innovative models introduced by the bets of brands that are Apple or Samsung, their options are increasing even more.