For a lot of individuals their whole lives exist on their phone – yet most people still don’t utilise the fantastic range of ever-expanding apps that are available. There are great value used iPhone X handsets and other iPhone models available that can host a whole range of amazing apps aimed at enhancing every part of your life. From fun and entertaining games, finance and business to music, dating, dining out and more – there is an app for absolutely everything.

So what iPhone apps are worth your attention? Overlooking the already popular and highly used ‘big name’ apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp – here are some great apps that can make your life easier, save you some time or even just add a little zing!


Responsible for the extremely popular and well known step by step food and recipe videos – this app is the perfect cooking coach! With over 3000 Tasty recipes, a step by step instruction mode and a ‘my recipes’ page which works as your very own digital cookbook this app is a great culinary guide that also allows users to search recipes and filter out by ingredients, cuisine, dietary needs or even social occasion!

Uber Eats

The increasingly popular food delivery service Uber Eats makes ordering and receiving your food quick and easy without any need to even leave the house. Simply browse the choice of menus available to order from and payment is made securely through the app via your debit or credit card – so no need for cash. Once your order is placed you receive an estimated delivery time, the delivery driver collects your order from the restaurant and you are able to track the location in real time right up to your door.


Popular amongst keen gamers Twitch is the world’s leading live stream gaming platform and the mobile app opens up a world of game streaming at the touch of a button. Users are able to chat with other Twitch accounts, watch and record videos of gamers and events as well as check out their favourite streamers channels.

Open Table

If you’re a spontaneous diner and fancy making some last minute dinner plans but don’t want to be left waiting around or waste time phoning different restaurants to check availability then Open Table is for you! This app allows users to reserve, explore and manage restaurant bookings anytime, anywhere with reviews, photos, exclusive mobile features and more.


This popular meditation app provides a range of breathing exercises, soothing nature sounds and grown up style ‘bedtime stories’ designed to help promote better sleep, boost confidence and reduce stress and anxiety. Suited for everyone the Calm app provides beginners with guided sessions as well as programs for those at intermediate or advanced levels.


OK so maybe not one you’re going to use daily but if you’re an avid movie goer who hates to miss the best bits then you’ll be glad you have this app! The ingenious ‘Runpee’ lets users know at what point during their chosen movie is the best time to go to the bathroom – ensuring you don’t miss out on key moments or important scenes!


There’s something about a group of people trying to split a bill at a restaurant that always seems to cause havoc and confusion but with the Tab app splitting the bill couldn’t be easier. Simply scan the bill and it will itemize everything for you – all you have to do from there is choose the items you have ordered and Tab will tell you how much you owe and how much tip to put in.


Learning a new language is hard but Duolingo provides a simple, bright and colourful way to learn using a variety of game style questions and levels. With over 85 different language courses in 24 languages this is perfect for people of all ages and delivers a fun and enjoyable learning experience.


From regular flyers and holiday makers to frequent business travelers – SkyScanner is a quick and easy to use app that helps you find the best and cheapest available flights across a wide range of airlines. With its simple, user friendly format customers simply select their chosen flight and are taken directly to that airline to purchase their tickets.

iPlanner UK

The customizable diary style app is designed to help busy people keep on top of their hectic schedule and manage it in a simple and effective way that works for them. This highly customizable calendar lets users plan every minute of their day from appointments and deadlines, to meetings, personal errands and more there’s no need to ever lose track again.

With so many great apps on offer make sure you check them out and give them a try so you can make the most out of your iPhone!!!