HikeIndian Messenger Hike Messenger has announced ‘Great Indian Sticker Challenge’. In the sticker challenge, company has invited Graphic designers across India to take part in the challenge and create unique stickers.

Hike claims that it sends over 3 Billion stickers a month. Of the 10 Billion+ messaging volumes per month, stickers contribute to over 30% of the traffic. Hike has over 35 Million users.

Commenting on the design challenge, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, hike messenger, said “Stickers have played a significant role in transforming the messaging experience. Today we see 3 Billion stickers exchange on hike. We believe that the ‘Great Indian Sticker Challenge’ will not just bring together the crème la crème from the design industry for the contest, but will also give a chance to thousands of talented designers to find a new way of earning recognition for their creative talent.”

The Great Indian Sticker Challenge is a platform open to everyone who can design graphic illustrations, irrespective of their age or academic and professional credentials. The registration and submission is open until March 31, 2015 at gisc.hike.in. The winners can grab prizes up to Rs. 20 Lacs and the results will be announced on April 15, 2015.