If a web host can offer you hosting solution starting from just $2.15 per month and doesn’t compromise on reliability, uptime and quality of the resources, there is hardly any reason to look for another company. When I first came across Hostinger reviews like this one and this one, and the fact that it had more than 29 million clients worldwide, I was taken aback. I started with the premium web hosting plan that didn’t cost me more than $4 a month and I didn’t have to look elsewhere. With 3 times WordPress optimized speed, free domain and an easy to use site builder, there were many more reasons why I stayed with this host and upgraded.

HostingerIn this review I will be sharing the key features of Hostinger that make it a winner and why I would recommend others to use it.

Free Domain

Hostinger offers free domain name when you choose the annual plan. This is a valuable addition since you don’t have to manage a separate service for annual subscription. Many other services I have come across have been charging for the domain.

Have Your Site Up & Running in Minutes

Account creation and website set up can be a complicated task with many web hosts. Many times users are unable to configure how to set up the right folders or configure properly to have their site or blog go live. But with Hostinger, it takes just minutes to have your website go live (without all the complications of configuration). The step-by-step guide makes it a breeze and if you ever have any doubts, the customer support team is just a call away.

Daily Backups

Many web hosts promise daily backups, but the service is offered for excessively costly plans. With Hostinger, the affordable business plan ($7.95 per month) offers daily backups for all your data. The database and all website files are backed up on a daily basis.

Faster Loading & Processing

When you host your site on Hostinger’s servers, you are getting access to twice the processing power and memory. This translates into faster loading web pages which has numerous benefits. If you are hosting a WordPress site, you can have access to up to 5 times WP optimized speed.

Faster loading pages mean better user experience. It also helps improve your site’s search engine rankings because page load speed is an SEO ranking factor.

Advanced Security

The business plan from Hostinger also provides free SSL certificate. This means enhanced security for both your site and your visitors (and their data). At the same time enhanced site security has also become an important factor in search engine rankings.

Easy Backend Management

Once you create your site and the web host will automatically carry out daily backups (there is weekly backups for the smaller plans). Adding new pages and updating content is extremely easy. Since I have my blogs with this hosting service, adding new posts and updating existing ones is a breeze for me. All the plug-in and security patches are also easy to implement and keep up-to-date.

Professional & Quick Customer Support

Hostinger has a large team of experienced and knowledgeable customer support professionals. Instant support is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. So I wouldn’t have to worry if my site has any issues on weekends. There is always someone to reach out through live chat or email support.

The response time is instant and I have never spent any time fuming for the support team to get back or resolve any issues. The team knows what they are doing and respond to my queries quickly without wasting any time (if the query needs some time to respond).

Overall, I am fully satisfied with Hostinger’s web hosting solutions. I began with the premium plan and upgraded as and when my requirements increased. From website set-up to backend management to upgrading to customer support service, this web host offers high quality services. And with a guaranteed and true-to-word 99.9% uptime, you are often left wondering if the hosting service charges any hidden fees. But when you look at the trust of over 29.65 million clients, your surprise would be put to rest. Hostinger meets the perfect definition of affordable and highly reliable web hosting provider. And their plans are supported by 30-day money back guarantee that ensures that you could ask for a refund if you are not satisfied – something I never had to think about.