Summertime infamously remains silent when it comes to major game releases especially where you can play games for real money! So it’s a brilliant idea to spend your time trying the already popular ones. If you’re looking for something relaxing, yet entertaining, and challenging to the core for this summer, try these Android apps:

  1. Alto’s Adventure 

This is one of those games you’ll find everyone talking about – not that its hyped, but try it once, and you’ll simply fall in love with it. The visuals are stunning, the background score is remarkable, and the concept is easy to understand. Alto’s Adventure is a true side-scroller and a snowboarding adventure. You feel to crave for more and wish the game never ends. Alto’s Odyssey, a sequel to Alto’s Adventure, takes you surfing on the dunes, making a perfect summer-game.

  1. Two Dots

Between two dots of the same color, draw a line and make them disappear – that’s the basic mechanism. But as you escalate, the dots increase, and the number of moves to draw the lines reduce. It’s one of the very satisfying and hottest games you can have on your phone this summer.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re longing for some Friday night plans that do not involve Netflix or Hulu, try the Jigsaw Puzzles app by Easybrain. It’s the best app to make your life entertaining while you’re in the coronavirus lockdown, and beyond. With more than five thousand high-definition real-looking images, you’ll stay interested and challenged for hours. Not just that, it can also fight your summer woes and is a must-have gaming app on your phone.

  1. Carcassonne

This beautiful game is about placing tiles to build your own kingdom. It’s fun, gripping, and challenging. You got to take all the elements of the game along. So at times, it can be tremendously fast-paced, but the tiling mechanism holds onto it.

  1. 2048

This, and Threes!, kind of feel similar. It’s like if Threes! is solving a cryptogram, 2048 is a Word Jumble. It’s a perfect blend of math and puzzles but feels less taxing. The game’s objective is to combine all the number tiles until you reach the solution 2048. Sounds easy? Not really! Try out yourself.

  1. Ridiculous Fishing

Cast your hook, start hauling, and hook as many underwater creatures as you can. Once that’s done, hurl them all up into the air and blast them away with pistols or rocket launchers. If the concept sounds like your thing, you’ll be engrossed in the gameplay of this tale of redemption.

  1. Threes!

It’s a game that feels deceptively simple – slide the tiles, so the combination results in the number 3. The actual objective is to keep scoring high. If you’ve played 2048, Threes! wouldn’t be tough for you. It’s sophisticated yet maddening and much like other puzzles where the basics look easy, but reaching the goal is very tricky.

Well, that’s all we have for this list.

We like the Jigsaw Puzzles and Alto’s Adventure more. Let us know your favorites or the ones you try this summer. We’d love to hear from you!