FamiSafe location control app is the most reliable parental control app. This lets the parent get the real-time location and track the Location history of the child. This helps the kids to build good digital habits in them. we have nowhere the complete guide and details about how to use the FamiSafe parental control app For Android, Ios, Kindle Fire, Mac, and even windows of personal computers.

The outstanding feature of the phone tracker app

  • This app easily controls the Location tracking of your child. The location tracking helps the parent in getting the exact and live location of the child.
  • Since the kids are not aureus, they can leave the school and skip their classes even without getting it permitted by their parents. Now parents do not have to worry about the child and their current location, because this app has the best real-time location sharing.
  • You can easily get a hold of the location history timeline of your child because you may get their location history from one week to up to a month.
  • Real-time location sharing and location is to tracking is done by the method of GPS phone tracker. This GPS tracker helps the application to show the real-time and live location of your child.

  • This application also gives you a special software for setting up boundaries for your child, that is, you can usually set up your boundaries for the child namely Geofences. These fences are the safe zone that you make for your child and if they break or get out of those loans you get an instant alert.
  • When you get an instant alert, you can check whether your child has come in or has gone out of the safe zone that you have planned for them.

Steps to install the application

This application can easily be installed on Android, iOS, and even Windows PC. Let’s get started with using some steps. Tell me safe is an account waste product, therefore, you need to make an account to use the application first. Here are the steps

1.You firstly have to download the application from Google Play Store, Apple store and it is also available on the Amazon app directly. It will require your email ID for signing up via the app.

2.Signing up with your official website gives you a free trial of 3 days.

3.You have to now install the application on both the devices of the parent and kid.

4.Mark the identity feature whether you are a mother, father, or child.

5.The application will then demand permitting some applications to run in the background of this application. You have to give all the permissions demanded by the application.

6.The next screen in your kid’s device will be of the age and name of your child set them and also give the instructions to the screen which is open in front of you.

7.Connect and manage all the devices using the FamiSafe dashboard app or web portal.

Geofencing and it’s working

Geofencing is a location-based service that is provided by the location tracker app. It is application software that provides the parent right to get around the location of their child and set up boundaries for their child. If the child arrives in or goes out of location and you can get an instant alert.

Geofencing also be called a virtual parameter for real-world geographic areas. Parents used this service in the location tracking app for the kids not to go out of a sudden area which is unsafe and strange for them. Geo-fencing me include the areas which are regularly visited by your child.

Price plans by a location control app

The location tracker app provides you a monthly premium pack that costs about $9.99 per month and gives you the protection of up to 5 devices with a single device. The annual or yearly plan costs you about $4.99 per month which is about $59.99 per year. You may even link 30 devices by subscribing to the annual pack provided by the application. It also has a feature of providing a quarterly subscription that costs about $6.60 per month and about $19.99 per quarter. This gives you the right to protect up to 10 devices by connecting them to the other device.



This is the most reliable parental control app which has Features like real-time location sharing, tracking location history, and even checking location history with the setting of geofences. You can easily link your family devices to keep your family safe. It was awarded as the best family-friendly product by mom’s choice award and it was the 2020 award winner by the national parenting products award. It is launched by wondershare and it has been winning the hearts of parents through the best services provided by it.