Apple iPhone is one of the best smartphone to own. Some may call it best, some may call it worst. Every smartphone has its own pros and cons. Apple iPhone is no different, it has some pros and some cons.

Some of the Apple iPhone cons are independent on the products, they are from the operating system itself. iOS on which Apple iDevices runs have several limitations which in turn becomes cons for the smartphone.

One of the biggest issue with iPhone is no option to expand its storage and moreover no direct OTG support. Apple sells its iPhone in multiple storage options starting with 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Apple iPhone 6sApple products are costly and many buyers opt for 16GB/64GB iPhone because of budget restrictions. Now a days owning a smartphone with 16GB storage which doesn’t have an expandable storage is always a pain.

Another biggest pain with the iPhone is that all apps on the iPhone store some data on the device and there is no effective ways to clean it. Apple calls the unused data ‘Documents and Data’. You cannot clean or delete this Junk Files, Documents and Data easily.

ios documents and dataTo check for Documents and Data used by any app on your iPhone, just visit the storage option in settings and click any app. You will now see the Documents and Data used by that app. Apple provides no way to clean and clear this junk data used by several app on iPhone. Some apps end up using over 500MB of Junk files.

We will now tell you some effective ways to clean these junk file and Documents and Data on your Apple iPhone:

One of the easiest method to clean the Documents and Data of any specific app is to delete the app and reinstall it. But this is not easy as you may have many apps installed and deleting and reinstalling every app is difficult.

Another method to clean the Junk files and Documents and Data from iPhone is using PhoneClean app. It is a paid Software/app and it is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

PhoneClean 4 costs $19.99 for one year subscription but if your purchase its , then you will get updates for lifetime. You need to purchase the software according to your OS. It works with latest iOS 109. By using this app, you can clean documents and data in Apple iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, SE and almost all idevices running on iOS.

You can Purchase the . Once you have made the purchase you can clean the Documents and Data from your iPhone easily. It scans all apps and shows how much data will be cleaned. You can deselect some app data if you want to. This software can free over 1GB of storage on your iPhone.

Before cleaning the Junk Files, Documents and Data from iPhone make sure to install the latest version iTunes on your PC or Mac. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC or Mac and scan the data.

PhoneClean effectively cleans the Junks Files and Documents and Data from your Apple iPhone. In our experience we have seen several gigs have been cleared by the App. It supports latest iOS 10 based devices.

So in this two way you can clean up temporary files, Junk Files, Documents and Data from iPhone or iPad.