Counter Strike: Global Offensive has a huge economy behind it. It is said that many of the player base just joined the game to gamble or make “investments”. If you are familiar with the cs:go market or cosmetics, the game cs:go has skins you can apply to weapons. These skins get traded for money on the Steam market. The company Steam is coincidentally run by the same creator and owner of the game CS:GO. People can trade freely on this market back and forth with their cosmetics, and the company takes a small transaction fee.

The casino industry behind the game series

The video game cs:go is so big that even an entire gamble and casino community emerged.

The casinos operate so that you can send your skins in to them in exchange for credits or tokens on their platform. Then with those tokens or credits, you can gamble and test your luck on getting new shiny cosmetics. Also, since the economy and market behind this game are so big, there have been a lot of “CS:GO investors” that have been around online. Some even make a full-time income trading and reselling skins. You can find these gurus on places like Youtube or forums. Whether or not their claims are true that they make a full-time income, nobody really knows.

CS:GO Cases and loot

In-game, there is a case system which allows players to buy a crate which has the chance to contain a rare, expensive skin, which you can either sell to buy other video games on the Steam platform or money to purchase other skins. There currently is no way of withdrawing your cash from Steam. The cases you can buy in the game are considered bad by the community since they have extremely low drop chances. So not many players use those cases anymore and rather try their luck on sites like cs:go radar. They offer pretty much the same CSGO case opening but at a better chance.

Also worth mentioning by just playing the game, there is a chance that you will receive skins at the end of the game. However, that skin might be very ugly and cheap. Skins you sometimes receive after a game are mostly, on average, worth around 10-50 Cents. Also, you can receive other cosmetics like spray paints.


CS:GO gambling sites are not supported or disturbed by the game’s creators.
But when looking at the numbers, the number of people still using the loot system in-game has dropped enormously. So all and all CS:GO casinos can be a cheap way to try your luck getting that new rare knife skin or weapon in the game. Also, as these platforms allow you to trade in your existing skins for credits on their site, this makes the point of entry into these services very accessible for anyone with any budget.