DTF T-shirt printer, a transfer process that allows users to print graphics onto polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film using water-based pigment inks, is one of the newest and hottest trends in the decorated garment business. Because this is a transfer process, the design is produced in the opposite order of regular digital printing.

DTF transfer film printers are recommended for more specialized printing

At present, many newcomers or some small entrepreneurs like to use a DTF printer converted from a printer in order to save money and space, but we do not recommend this, because this machine is not a professional DTF printer, and the DTF powder needs to be shaken manually. Evenly spread on the printed image, and then heat and dry in a curing oven, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is easy to have plugging, printing deviation and other troublesome problems during use!

Fortunately, Sublistar has recently developed a small all-in-one shaker:

DTF-A3 Ultra is an all-in-one DTF printer, which integrates DTF printing and TPU powder processing, creating a new digital DTF film printing process. Use the latest Epson I1600-A1 print head and the latest vibration technology. Provide one-stop solution for garment printing.

Epson’s unique Variable Size Droplet Technology (vsdt) enables smooth gradients and free control of spray droplet volume.

It is the latest generation of DTF vibrating screen from Sublistar. DTF powder vibrating screen has lower energy consumption, more environmental protection and higher efficiency. Small footprint and complete functions are its advantages. The DTF printer is available in 2 print sizes: 12″ (300cm) and 18″ (450cm).

In addition, this machine has many practical functions that can help you solve many problems:

①White ink circulation and filtration can effectively prevent sedimentation and ensure the effective output of ink.

② Auto In-Line Moisturizing

Automatic spraying of moisturizing liquid can effectively slow down the drying speed of the ink in the nozzle and prevent clogging.

③Print Head Heating System

By heating the ink damper and the carriage base, the printer can work normally in a lower-temperature environment. In the printing process, ensure good fluidity of the ink.

④ Integrated TPU Powder Treatment

Automatic evenly spread powder, fast solidification, smoke-free treatment ensure the exquisite output of the finished product.

DTF T-shirt printer Consumables

DTF printer consumables are mainly DTF ink, hot melt powder, PET film.DTF will hit color first and then white in the process of printing pattern, on the one hand, because the white ink needs to be combined with the hot melt powder, and finally melted and dried, which can be transferred smoothly. On the other hand, white ink stamping is not picky about the color and fabric of the clothes, it needs white ink layer as the bottom layer press stamping on the bottom of the clothes, it will not affect the other color changes.

DTF ink mainly has CMYK + W five colors, there will also be fluorescent color, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent powder, fluorescent green and other colors, especially for the printing of color requirements of customers, it will be able to meet his multi-color printing needs. Secondly, one of the more popular non-sedimentation inks of Sublistar brand is currently used with Sublistar Star and Ultra series of DTF printers, which can realize the result of smooth printing without circulation and stirring, but also without sedimentation and clogging.

DTF hot melt powders also have various characteristics, they are: Soft DTF Powder, Rough DTF Powder, Anti-stretch DTF Powder, Anti-sublimation DTF Powder, Soft DTF Powder is suitable for printing on smooth and flat fabrics such as T-shirts, hoodies etc. Rough DTF Powder is suitable for rough fabrics such as denim, cotton and linen; Anti-stretch DTF Powder is suitable for stretch fabrics such as sweatshirts; Anti-sublimation DTF Powder is suitable for printing on stretch fabrics such as sweatshirts; Rough DTF Powder is suitable for coarse fabrics such as denim, cotton and linen; Anti-stretch DTF Powder is suitable for stretchy fabrics such as sweatshirts; and Anti-sublimation DTF Powder is suitable for dark colored fabrics. Easy-to-Peel DTF powder was recently launched by Sublistar to meet the demand of customers for more efficient, fully realizing the possibility of immediate peeling without waiting, no residue and good results.

DTF PET films are also available with different features, customized for DTF printers, such as Hot & Cold Peel DTF Film, DTF metallic gold/silver Film, DTF metallic interstellar silver film, DTF Rainbow Reflective Film, etc. After transferring on the garment, you can see the effect of hot stamping gold or silver, or rainbow colors. If you go to a party, it will fully show your personal distinctive features and your unique style.

DTF other accessories

RIP software: RIP software is mainly used to control the precision, color, speed and printing width of DTF printer, which is the key to the output quality of DTF printer.

DTF dithering machine, currently Sublistar is the dithering part and oven combined together, first from the DTF T-shirt printer to start printing, and then into the dithering machine’s powder spreader part, hot melt powder evenly spread on the PET film, and then with the guide belt into the oven, the first to melt the hot melt powder, and then the oven temperature to make its pattern curing, and finally output into a roll, you can use manual cutting or cutting machine cutting. Use heat press for transferring.


Now, DTF garment printing still has a large market potential, lower cost, higher income, in line with the current market economic situation, is a good side investment. And, now many brands support after-sales service, technical support, can provide a full range of guidance for your digital printing escort.