The global gambling industry has been going strong for several centuries now, with people realising the incredible financial profit that can be made from casino gambling ever since the Venetians set the first casino in the world up back in the 1600s. And it’s funny, because people were gambling for thousands of years before this too, it’s just that there was never a centralized organisation to actually make money off of it. – play online slots today

This has all changed quite profoundly nowadays, as there are quite literally billions of pounds to be made for people like casino operators, slot developers and casino professionals too. Want to know what the biggest reason for the financial might of the modern casino market is? Why, it’s online slots of course! You just cannot beat these games for fun and jackpots, there is no question of it. Keep reading for a bit about online slots, and how to change your bet in online slot games on particular. 

Online slot game basics

Okay, before we get into the specifics of how to change your bet in online slot games we thought we would give a few online slot game basics, just to help out the beginners more than anything else. Online slot games work using a reel grid configuration, just like with the classic world of land-based slots.

Gamblers spin the reels and then hope that they encounter winning symbol combinations across what are called pay lines. These pay lines are where you bet, and if you receive a winning combination of icons on a pay line that you have betted on you will win. More recently there have been some developments in the way online slots are designed, and you don’t always have to have pay lines now as a result. With that being said, pay lines are still the most common way for a slot to be designed.

How do you change your bet in online slot games?

Okay, onto the main question here – how do you change your bet in online slot games? Well, luckily for us gamblers this really could not be easier to do. In the vast majority of slot games the bets will be made alongside the bottom of the screen, and all you have to do is change the amount for each pay line. Simples! 

The best online slot games to play if you want to win

Whilst online slot games are getting more and more lucrative as the industry expands and technology improves, you still have to be playing the right slot games in order to make sure you are winning the most. Take a look at some of these online slot games to play if you want to win:

  •         Mega Joker: NetEnt’s classic Mega Joker slot is modelled on the iconic Las Vegas Megabucks machines, and it also has a progressive jackpot. There’s more too, because Mega Joker can have a maximum RTP of 99%.

·         Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix: Rainbow Riches slots are by far the most famous in the world, and Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix combines all the best bits from previous versions all in one game!