The ACCA degree is globally recognised and ascertains that one has the necessary skills to take up reputed job role. This criterion is shared by another popular degree which is the MBA as it serves as proof that the degree holder has required expertise in the field of business.

By combining the MBA with ACCA course, you can gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sector which includes enhancing skills in the field of Finance as well developing other competencies like leadership, interpersonal, management and communication skills. This means that you will have better chances of landing a great job and will be able to stand out in the sea of candidates easily.

To further understand what does combining the two degrees really mean, here is a breakdown of their individual benefits.

Advantages of ACCA

  • Comprehensive learning

Earning the qualification of ACCA means that you have gained proficiency over technical skills that a chartered account is required to possess. By studying in-depth the rich curriculum of the course, you gain an understanding of taxation, law, financial management, auditing, management accounting and more.

  • Recognised

The qualification has earned global recognition and many ACCA degree holders are working across the world in multinational organizations. ACCA has its presence in the private as well as the public sector and covers major institutes like the World Bank and the United Nations.

  • International Standards

Another important benefit of the ACCA degree is that it is based on international accounting standards which are accepted by several nations. This gives you the leverage to choose from several different countries.

Advantages of MBA

  • Management skills

MBA training makes you a thorough businessman as you learn to develop and ace the art of management. You will effectively learn to be a better leader, network well, create partnerships, and manage situations like financial crisis and more among other things.

  • Tools & Techniques

An MBA degree introduces you to all the latest management tools and techniques and their application. This gives you technological leverage as well since you can easily adjust to the dynamic business environment with ease.

  • Fit your specialization

An MBA specialization helps you gain expertise in a particular field and opens many avenues as far as job roles are concerned. By choosing an MBA in Finance, you can add up to your learning and prepare yourself for a range of roles in unique settings.

MBA with ACCA is a wonderful combination for professionals trying to advance their knowledge in accounting and looking to expand their horizons. It also prepares you to lead an organisation or a team and makes you fully capable to take on bigger challenges. This unique combination also comes with the promise of a higher pay package.