When you purchase a new iPhone, the happiness your new device brings you might be overshadowed by how much it cost. The good news is that there are many ways you can save on Apple products while still getting the latest technology. Buying a used device can give you big savings. But that isn’t the only want you can afford your phone.

Try a Second-Hand Option

If you do not want the latest phone, you may be able to better afford used products. Many people replace their devices as soon as the newest one comes out, so you can often get the previous generation for less than the new ones.Remember that Apple products have more value than many other used pieces of technology. Comparing the new and used prices for the older models is a good idea. If you can get the same older model new from Apple, it can often be a better value.

Look for Certain Discounts

If you are a teacher or student, you may be eligible for the education discount from Apple. You will need to show proof of this, such as a school ID. With this discount, you can get money off your purchase or something free.Military personnel, members of the National Guard and Reserve, and veterans can get a military purchase plan. Family members who live with veterans and military personnel can also get this discount.

Pay Off Debt

There are many ways to save on Apple devices, but you’ll want to evaluate your financial status first. For example, if you have debt from school, focusing on this can free up cash for your new phone. You don’t have to completely pay it off before getting a phone, but you should have it under control.Consolidating your student loans is one way you can save a significant amount each month. You’ll often qualify for a lower interest rate than when you got the loan. Since you’ll be paying less each month, you’ll have more discretionary income to put toward a new phone.

Trade in Your Old Device

When you purchase a new phone at the Apple Store, you can trade in your old device. They will give you cash back, depending on the device’s old value. The condition and age of the device also plays a role in how much you’ll get. You can still get money even if another manufacturer made your phone. You may not get a trade-in if it is very old, but the store can recycle it for you.

Look for Deals

While Apple does not run many sales, you can often find back-to-school savings in the late summer. If you are an educator or student, you might be able to score even better deals. Apple’s resellers, such as Amazon and Best Buy, often have discounts.Consider shopping at the resellers on Cyber Monday or Black Friday. Many times, you can shop and place your order online. You can often find roundups of Apple deals online so you can easily compare prices based on the product.