Pinterest is a social media platform that enables its users to create boards with pins. These are content in the form of images, videos, and GIFs. Because of its visual appeal and audience engagement capabilities, many marketing strategies now utilize Pinterest to popularize brands.

In the United States, more than a hundred million people are active users of the application, while an estimated total of two billion pin searches is recorded in the country. Currently, there are 50 billion pins and over a billion boards online. Meanwhile, a survey revealed that 87% of its total users purchase products with the help of the app.

With these data, different brands are now seeing the vast potentials of Pinterest for market growth. Thus, businesses now require their employees to take a Pinterest marketing course to maximize the platform’s benefits.

What Will It Teach You?

Pinterest has qualities that make it a feasible strategy to deepen the connection between an organization and its clients or prospective partners. However, you need to learn everything about this tool to effectively use its functions. Here are the lessons included in the course outline.

  • Setting Up a Business Account

This lesson will grant you access to distinct features such as analytics, business reporting, showcases, and the ability to link your boards to your website. The specific topics include choosing a professional but catchy business name, maintaining visual appeal, and navigating through the portal and features.

  • Identifying Your Audience and Organizing a Calendar

This topic will teach you how to target your audience by determining their interests, habits, and other demographics. This data will let you know the pinning schedule that you should apply to get considerable visibility from people who will most likely purchase your services.

  • Strategize Board Creation

This will provide you knowledge on balancing your business boards with your audience-centered boards. The images should align your brand’s mission while catering to the interests of your audiences. It will also teach you how to creatively and purposefully label and describe your boards using keywords. Furthermore, it will show you how to create a design template for board covers that will attract users.

  • Being Unique

The course will also give expert advice and tips on how to choose images and craft pins that will set your boards apart from competitors. It will teach you how to explore topics and categories around your niche to make your profile more substantial and distinct.

Who Takes This Course?

In general, the Pinterest marketing course is utilized by organizations that want to boost their company’s products, thereby gaining revenue. Specifically, these are the businesses that greatly benefit from it.

  • Fashion and cosmetic business whose products cater to feminine needs. Statistics show that 71% of users are women. Therefore, they quickly sell their products without spending too much on advertising by just merely uploading artistic pins with helpful descriptions to gain attention.
  • Institutions that provide counseling services. They can communicate messages by posting inspiring advice to attract clients that need more help.
  • Numbers can be boring, and it is sometimes hard for financial organizations to induce audiences to purchase their services. This application allows them to showcase testimonials and creative graphics to encourage customer engagement.

People quickly recognize if the content is advertised nowadays. With Pinterest, you do not have to mention your brand’s name. The boards and pins can speak volumes about the value of your products. Taking a course will significantly help you in maximizing all its potentials as a strategic marketing tool.