Apple brings flat design and used new colorful logos with its latest iOS 7. It also changed the look of iOS Dock. Dock in home-screen wasn’t changed much since its launch but with the arrival of iOS 7, Dock also changed. Many people liked it, many didn’t. But there was no option to change it. Apple gives us very less customization options, apple let us use our device in the way they want us to use but by jailbreaking our device we can have lots of customization option, and change the look and feel of iOS. But Now we can Bring back the Classic Dock in iOS 7.


Dock has always been favorite thing to tweak by jailbreak community, In almost every theme, developers change the look of Dock. There are other tweaks also which can change number of icons in dock and many more.

ClassicDock by CoolStar is a new jailbreak tweak by which we can bring the old dock in our iOS 7 devices. The tweak is available for free in BiggBoss repo. As you can see in the image above after installing the tweak, our home screen has old Dock, which was used until iOS 6.


After installing the tweak from cydia , respring the device and Dock will be changed. Dock will change to old Dock which used till iOS 6. There is no option to configure and there will be new icon on the hone screen. If you want to bring the new iOS 7 Dock then you have to uninstall the tweak from cydia.

So grab this free tweak from cydia and change the Dock. Before using this you device must be jailbreaked, if you want to jailbreak now, you can follow this tutorial, to jailbreak your iOS 7 device.

Will you change the iOS 7 Dock?