Social networking giant Facebook turned 10 year old. And to mark this occasion Mark and his Team released a new lookback video for all users. Basically this video contains Randomly selected popular photos, posts are embedded in a small 1 min video. These Photos and Posts are shown above user uploaded Photos in the grid format. Until now, this video was made of randomly selected photos. But many user complained of that, as many photos shown in the lookback video doesn’t mean important to user. Some people complained that this video contains more photos of their Ex-es, some people complained about thier past photos were highlighted which they don’t want to remember about.

Now, Facebook has reacted to user complaints and gave an option to edit photos and posts which user want to feature in the LookBack video. But this is not completely customized, only deserving Photos and posts will be given in option. Facebook has pre-selected certain posts and photos for each category from which user can select his favorite photo or Post.

Steps to change Photo and Posts in LookBack video:

• Login into Facebook
• Goto http://www.facebook.com/lookback
• Select Edit as shown in image above.
• After that Facebook will give an option to change Photo and Posts.
• You can select from pre-Selected possible photos and posts only as shown in above image.
• There are four Category which can be customized.
• Each category has certain limit on No. of Photos and Posts.
• After selecting movie will be updated with new selection
• After generating new video you can share it

In this way you can customize the Facebook lookback video.