Are you into adventure sports? Do you like to go for adventurous rides on your bikes? Then the electric bike can be the ideal partner for such adventures. 

When you plan to traverse the most unpredictable and harsh road conditions on your bike, you cannot rely on any two-wheeler. You need a monster on two wheels. 

All-terrain e-bikes turn out to be the ideal monster that you are looking for. As the popularity of electric bikes is increasing with time, you should know what to look for, before buying the same. 

Factor #1: Check the class

Electric bikes are traditionally available in three classes. Depending on the class, there will be variations in the maximum speed and throttle of the bike. It is undeniably, one of the prime features that you must consider while buying the all terrain electric bikes.  

  • Class 1: These bikes have a top speed limit of 20mph. the peddle assist is the sole delivery medium of the power. It implies that the motor will turn on only when you start peddling the bike. 
  • Class 2: The maximum speed of these bikes is also 20 mph. But there will be a throttle along with the pedal that will together allow propelling the bike forward with a single touch on the button. 
  • Class 3: This bike can reach the highest speed of 28mph and does not have any throttle. 

As a Class 3 bike is the most powerful, it can serve as a two-wheeler for rugged terrains. 

Factor #2: Payload capacity

If you plan to go for long trips on this bike, then you should look for e-bikes that have higher payload capacity. The bike will be carrying your weight along with the weight of your belongings. Even if you travel light, make sure that you are not exceeding the maximum capacity of the bike.

Some of the top brands are manufacturing e-bikes for mountains with as high payload potential as 400 lbs. That will make it easier to go for long trips to the mountains with your camping items.

Factor #3: Presence of geared hub motors

The e-bikes have two types of motors- geared and gearless. The difference is based on the way of power transfer from the motor source to drive the bike forward.

The hub of the geared hub motor contains an independent system of gears that can transfer the rotational force of the motor to the hu and subsequently to the wheels.

  • The central gear is attached to the spinning motor.
  • It will turn through a series of different other gears like epicyclic or annulus.

The gearing present inside the hub will reduce the high speed of the motor which will help the wheels to turn at the appropriate speed. As motors prefer turning at a higher speed than the turning of the bike wheels, the gear is necessary for mountainous terrains.

Therefore, look for geared hub motors that offer better and swift turning on steep patches.

Factor #4: Quality of frame

the top manufacturers of all-terrain electric bikes are very particular about enhancing the quality of the frames. The use of premium-quality aluminum is common for these bikes. Asa result, the bikes are

  • Highly durable
  • Less susceptible to damages owing to road conditions
  • Minimum possibility of deformations.

Besides, better frames can handle more pressure and weight. So, it can offer the ideal support to the rider if you are a tall and strong individual. 

The chief aim of the integrated design is to offer protection against unfavorable weather conditions as well as minimize the chances of mechanical failures. 

Factor #5: Superior quality of the battery

And how can a discussion about e-bikes happen without discussing about batteries? The power potential of the battery is a key factor that will influence the performance of all-terrain e-bikes. 

The bike should run for at least 60 miles on a single charge. The distance can increase if you are using the pedal- assist. The total battery capacity and the single-cell battery capacity matter. 

Go for advanced models

So, if you have plans to buy the e-bike for your adventure road trips, keep a note of all the above points apart from checking on the warranty. Sleet the latest models with advanced technology for better performance.